How To Do the Booty Bump for Beginners

booty bump hoop trick

Today, I am going to introduce another cool exercise you can implement with your hoop. Once you start to get good at these beginner exercises, you will find that you can create a work out with them that really leaves you feeling like you have burnt some calories!

Okay, so the exercise for today is called The Booty Bump. The reason it is called that is because you end up putting your booty in the air and bumping it up and down to get the hoop to keep rotating in a vertical position. Use a big, heavy hoop for this move! Make sure it isn't too big where it touches the ground as you're bent over, though.

How To Do The Bump

1. Start with your legs together and your knees a little bent. Hold the hoop at waist level like you do for the Side to Side.

2. Making sure you keep your back straight, but bend over slightly and push the hoop off around your hip to get it started rotating.

3. This is the tricky bit - you want to start moving your body up and down to keep the hoops momentum going. You should be using just your knees to raise your body up and down.

4. Hold your stomach muscles tightly and focus on keeping on your toes to help you bounce up and down more effectively.

5. One way to do this move is once your hoop is vertical, get on your tip toes, slide your feet and go backwards a little bit at a time.

Here is a video to help you visualize:

The hoop should be on between a 45 and 90 degree angle to the floor, unlike the other moves around the waist where the hoop is parallel with the floor. Now, try to push with your hips and your back to do a full rotation. Push the hoop up as you turn your body to the side, facing the ceiling, back to the other side, and facing the floor again. 

This move is great to work out different muscles such as your back and stomach. This is another great move to add to your repitoire and is easy to switch between this one and the Front to Back and Side to Side.

By now you have 4 exercises that you are working on for at least 5 minutes per day. At this stage, you should try to bump it up to 2 sessions of 5 minutes per day. Either this or 1 10 minute session, just whatever suits your schedule better.

~written by Melissa Stockwell