How to Hula Hoop for the Absolute Beginner

This lesson is perfect for someone that is an absolute beginner and has never hooped before in their life. 

Have you ever asked, "How in the heck do I learn how to hula hoop?" THIS RIGHT HERE, is how you learn to hula hoop. We will teach you and you will learn to hula hoop!

The Front to Back and Side to Side are the foundational techniques of hula hooping and the best way to learn to hoop for absolute beginners. 

Front to Back

1. Start with your feet staggered (one foot in front of the other), like you are walking and stopped mid-stride.

2. Hold the hoop around your waist just as you do in the Side to Side, and push it around your hips so that it starts rotating around you.

3. Start moving your hips back and forward to keep the hoop rotating. You may find that you have to go further forward or back when starting just to get the rhythm going.

4. Start small and work your way up. Try to keep it going for 30 seconds, then a minute, then 3!

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Side to Side

1. For this exercise, hold your hoop at waist level and keep your feet at shoulder width or just a little further if it’s comfortable.

2. Next, spin the hoop (you will know which way feels the most comfortable for you when you start) so that it rotates around your hips.

3. As the hoop spins, try to move your hips side to side and see how long you can keep hooping for. It isn’t quite as easy as it seems at the start, but once you can get it rotating for 10+ spins, you will get better quickly.

A good target to aim for is 60 seconds if you are just starting out - this is pretty tricky stuff! I have found that it is easier to watch the clock or to have a beeper that goes off every 30 seconds or so, rather than trying to count the revolutions. Sometimes the hoop spins quite fast and it is easy to lose count.

One of the best things you can do to get better at hooping is to just try for a short time (3-5 minutes) and then leave it and do something else. If you are studying and need a break, hooping is the perfect solution. If you are feeling stressed out or wanting to unwind for a minute, jump up and grab your hoop and use it for a while.

If you are having no luck, it is a good strategy just to walk away and do something else for a bit and then come back to it fresh.

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