My Fateful Encounters in Hooping

Repost from our previous blog site - originally published on September 4, 2014 at 11:02am


Fate Plays a Role

I somehow have this way of finding opportunities and people by accident. Call it a gift, a skill, or something else, but I typically don't have to plan for too much. Never has this been more true than it is for things of a hooping nature. In the last week or two alone, I had a few encounters that turned out to be favorable. I met a great hooper lady at the local free concert in my hometown, and she turned out to be from a group I had been trying to join last year. My daughter and I went up to her and joined her spinning for a couple of songs. I am so glad that my social anxiety and various insecurities didn't hold me back from introducing myself to this woman. Hooping has really unlocked the potential in me that has been waiting to come out. I want to be a part of things, to be social and get involved in and plan events as much as possible. Because of hooping, that is now more of a possibility in my life.

Today, I got the chance to go to an art/music/hooping event in Albany, the state capital. It was a tight-knit community of urban artists, street performers, DJ's, and organizers for something called The Machine - A Creative Coop. I had never been there before, but I am glad that I happened upon the event on Facebook and took a chance on attending. Everyone there was so welcoming, fun and creative. There were no real cliques, and no one put anyone else down. This is exactly the type of atmosphere that will allow me to grow in my hooping and in my confidence level. Not only did I make some new friends, but I networked for future collaborations in the art and hooping realm. Score!


Stay Attuned

Fate can be a sticky concept. It may be too abstract for you to rely on something like this in your life. If you want to attract more opportunities to yourself, there are a number of things that you can do.

One is to think positively on what you would like to accomplish or what kind of situation you want to be in. You can't help but act on it and draw attention to fellow hoopers or anyone else who is like-minded or looking for someone like you to work with.

Something else you can do is start out small. If you have a clear vision of what you want, or even just a good idea, you can find relevant tasks to do while you are working towards that goal. That way, you will gain the confidence and experience that you need, and people will notice it and hopefully become interested. It is so easy to get overwhelmed and want to throw in the towel. Give yourself the credit you deserve, even if you have only a few people come to your spin jam or workshop.

If it is something that you would be doing normally, you might as well ope it up to the community, right? Have some fun with it, try out a silly theme or some way to get people to want to check it out. If 20 or 30 people stop by to see what you're doing, chances are a few of them will stick around and give it a try. Artistic and recreational activities like hooping are great for attracting a diverse crowd. People tend to mingle and come up with great ideas together while just playing around with their plastic circles.

Enjoy the ride and follow where it takes you. It should work in your favor, as long as you pay attention to what works and plot out a course, just in case.