Not Feelin' It? Keep Up That Momentum

Anne Marshall hooping on beach
                             Anne gets down with her hoop on the beach

Have you ever had a day when you were not wanting to hoop at all? I'm sure that it happens to all of us at some point. Whether you're tired, stressed, sick or you have a ton of other things going on, I totally get it.

It could just be that you want to focus your energies elsewhere at that point in time. Creativity comes in such a wide array of areas - chances are that you partake in more than one of them. Just because you love hooping and are good at it, doesn't mean that you should avoid doing anything else creative so that you can put all of your energy into dance or hooping tricks.

It is entirely different if you are feeling defeated about your progress, or you're not feeling your flow. Picking up your plastic circle anyway, and trying out something new can be a true motivator in your life. Push your boundaries without pushing yourself to some impossible goal of perfection. You will thank yourself later on when you have a fresh outlook and are feeling a sense of true love for your art. Because that's what it really is all about - hooping is a form of art, and the beautiful expression of emotions when a hoop dancer is fully immersed in their flow is one of the most pure that I have ever encountered.

Rebecca hoop
                      Me feeling confident with my hoop in my jungle backyard

Don't let the fear of being imperfect take you away from something that gives you so much joy. Hooping, just like life in general, is about finding that source of energy and your own vision and expressing it outwardly. You can even just keep it to yourself, only practicing and flowing in your own home or private space. If you do decide to share this with others, you just may be surprised at what you will learn and how you will grow. When other people see you expressing yourself this way, it will give them the courage to do so, as well.

You may even decide to bring all (or at least a few) of your passions together at some point. If you're a musician/composer, you can write a song that you can groove to with your hoop. If you are a graphic artist, you can edit photos of yourself and your friends that capture a moment of joy. If you're a writer, you can share your experiences in written form on your blog, in a poem, or even by writing for The Spinsterz.