Quiz: What's Your Signature Hooping Trick?

Repost from our previous blog site hooptricks.org - originally published on Feb 2, 2015 at 9:39am 


Whether you're an experienced master of hoop tricks or you just go with the flow, chances are you identify with one move in particular. Answer the following questions to learn which of these five amazing tricks you align with the most.

1. Do you prefer on body or off body hooping?

A. On body all the way!

B. Mostly on body

C. Half and half

D. Mostly off body

E. Almost entirely off body

2. How long have you been hooping?

A. For a month or less

B. For a few months

C. About a year

D. Two years

E. Longer than I can remember!

3. Do you ever like to pretend you're a cowgirl/cowboy when you hoop?

A. Not really

B. No!

C. Hmm... maybe

D. Just a little

E. Yes!

hooping girl

4. Do you think of yourself as being very agile?

A. Somewhat

B. Not really

C. No

D. Yes, I'm like a ballerina or athlete

E. I don't really know

5. Would you say you have a flair for the dramatic?

A. Sometimes

B. It's hit or miss

C. Not all that much

D. Yes, I can

E. Very much so!

hooping kendall

6. Finally, which word appeals to you the most out of these?

A. Roll

B. Step

C. Tall

D. Spin

E. Currents

Add up each of your answers with the following values:

1. A: 5, B: 4, C: 3, D: 2, A: 1

2. A: 5, B; 3, C: 2, D: 1, E: 4

3. A:1, B: 3, C: 2, D: 4, E: 5

4. A:1, B: 3, C: 5, D: 4, E: 2

5. A: 3, B: 2, C: 5, D: 1, E: 4

6. A: 4, B: 3, C: 2, D: 5, E: 1

Paddles/Breaks (6-10 points)

You like to move fast and are just like a ninja! You take your hooping very seriously, and are considered to be a perfection by some.

Escalator (11-15 points)

Slow and steady is your motto, all the way. You are patient and want to get things just right.
Revolving Door (16-20 points)

You are laid back, yet fun. You enjoy being physically active and are always on the move.

Chest Roll (21-25 points)

You are a bit dramatic, and you love to perform. You are not afraid to try new things - life is all about overcoming challenges, every day.

Lasso (26-30 points)

You are persistent and good natured. You enjoy doing things over and over, until you have perfected them. You likely haven't been at hooping too long, or else you just enjoy sticking with more basic moves.