​Whirly Twirly Family Bonding: 5 Ways Hula Hooping Has Enhanced our Family

child  hooping tricks

This is not the hooping you did as a kid. This is not the $5 cheap hoop from the grocery store. This is upgraded, colorful and engaging family fun!

I watched this video created by the professional fun-haver and his hooping athletes.

I showed my kids the video and asked them if they wanted to learn how to do any of those fun hooping tricks. It was an emphatic and unanimous yes, so I order 4 hoops and brought them home.

5 Ways Hooping Has Enhanced Our Household

1). It gives us focused “unwinding” time as a family at the end of the day

2) It gives us new goals to work toward. There is an abundance of new tricks to learn.

3) It gives us more opportunities to laugh and have fun!

4) It has significantly reduced the time we have for TV and electronics, which is a huge bonus!

5) It is a GREAT workout we can all do together! See Hooping Health Benefits

Bonus Game

At the end of practicing a new trick, we have a Hoop Dance Contest. Each person has one minute to show off new hooping skills. However, the person who is “on stage” does not get to choose the music. Each must go with the flow of the music chosen for them, after all, this is considered flow arts!

This is a family game that has added more bonding time and laughter. It teaches all of us to be in the moment with each other, go with the flow, and we get a bonus workout. Give it a whirl!

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