Why People Start and Continue Hooping

You hear it all the time, people who aren't familiar with hooping asking why in the world we're doing it!

Some are sincerely wondering how these hoops keep our attention and what about them can cause such intense obsession. Some are confused because they associate hula hoops with children, toys, and goofy play. Some may even throw in some minor insults reminding us we are adults and telling us it is a waste of time. Regardless of the people you come across asking you about hooping, here are some helpful information for them. 

Maybe they will want to start hooping, too! 

Why People Start Hooping in the First Place

After taking a poll, here is what I found. 

1. It looks like fun!

The number reason people start hooping is because of how fun it looks. There is no surprise that the fun factor is the biggest factor. Just look at the smiles on hoopers' faces! 

                                                                                               Photo Credit: Kari Bray Miller

2. They were inspired by another hooper they saw online or in person somewhere.

3. Their friends got them started and got them interested in it.

4. They started to help with their depression/anxiety or other mental health struggles.

5. It's an artistic expression

6. To tone muscles

7. It looked relaxing and calming, like meditation.

Other reasons include:

  • To be part of the community 
  • To find their life's purpose
  • To take a break from other flow arts and try a new one
  • A way to bond with their own children or other children
  • They were inspired by fire dancers/fire hoopers

Why People Continue Hooping 

1. They are happy with the way it makes them feel! They have built more confidence and they've learned what their bodies can do. They realize they can do anything as long as they do not quit and they keep up their enthusiasm for success. They have found a higher purpose and a very rewarding activity to focus their energy and time on.   How hooping improves confidence

2. They are making new friends and making stronger connections with people of all ages. Children find hoops fascinating and magical. Many adults find hoopers to be inspiring and talented. Some are turning this passion into a career and turning their passion into their life's work.

3. They become part of a community of fellow hoopers.  Bonding over fun, exercise, health, and new goals with like-minded people is a great reason to continue pursuing what makes people happy at any age!

4. They are loving the changes to their bodies. Many hoopers see a drastic change in how their bodies function and the way their bodies look after they have been hooping for a while. Even if they aren't doing it for weight loss, their bodies are working better and their reflexes are getting much faster. Hooping before and after photos

5. They have simply become addicted to it. Hooping has some intensely addictive elements like with any sport or exercise that makes you feel great! One reason is that a good hooping session effectively relieves depression, anxiety, nervous energy, and bad moods for up to days at a time. It has meditative qualities that are very similar to yoga or other spiritual movement practices. 

6. Their own reasons. There are countless reasons why people would continue hooping after they picked it up. Some of those reasons are beyond their ability to put into words or understand. Everyone's journey is sacred, personal and all their own. 

    Photo Credit:  Rawuel Samuels - Photographer Faces of Festivals

             Photo Credit: Lacey Oliver -  Photographer Michael Dyll

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