Fire hoop buyers guide


With so many different size, weights, spines and types of tubing, how will you ever find the hoop that's right for you? I know it can be a little over whelming trying to pick a fire hoop, so we have created a guide that should help you through this process. 





 Polyethylene (PE)

This is the most common tubing used in hoops today. It is black irrigation tubing typically found at Lowes and Home Depot. Most people use 3/4" OD , 160 or 100 PSI (please note that 3/4" is not accurate, this tubing is closer to 1" OD) . The 160 PSI is the heaviest tubing and is great for beginners and exercise hoops. This tubing weighs approx. 1.4 oz/ per foot.


High Density Polyethylene (HDPE)

This is a white tubing and is the next lightest from PE. Most people use a 7/8" OD. size that weighs in at 1.0 oz/per foot. This tubing is great for someone that wants a little bit lighter hoop than PE and still likes the stiffness of the 160 PSI.


Polypropylene (PP)

This is the tubing that is most commonly used by more advanced hoopers. It is clear/white in color and super light. This tubing is very springy and reactive, which makes for some incredibly fast hooping, direction changes, breaks and pops. The tubing weighs in at 0.7 oz/per foot. The tubing most commonly used is 3/4" OD. This tubing is best for more advanced hoopers or those that like a super light hoop.



  • a heavier hoop is going to travel a bit slower and give you more of a workout, it will also give your internal organs a nice massage.
  • a lighter fire hoop is going to be faster, easier to do tosses with, not tire you out as fast, but might also be harder to hoop with.



The size you pick for your fire hoop should be close to what you hoop with already. The spines do make the hoop feel like it is much bigger than it actually is. I recommend that you get one that is slightly smaller than the hula hoop you normally hoop with. The added weight of the spines will compensate for for the size difference.


Tape or Sanded?

  • This is a new feature in the hooping world. The people that like sanded hoops are those that like a super duper light hoop.
  • a taped hoop still seems to be the way most people are going as it just looks so much nicer than a bare black hoop.

Tubing size