Onyx Elite 360 Space Whip – Nano Fiber

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Onyx Elite 360 Space Whip – Nano Fiber

Our LED Fiber Optic Whips feature the world’s most advanced Optical Rave Technology. Space Whips are engineered to outperform all other Fiber Optic Whips on the market by utilizing the highest quality fiber and parts. Prepare yourself to be immersed into a 3D light show you never thought was possible. Pick up a GloFX Space Whip and control galaxies of light with the push of a button. 

.75MM Sparkle Nano Fiber Optics

.75mm Sparkle Nano Fiber allows for more densely packed fiber in each bundle. Not only does it feature bright points of end glow, but it also emits micro points of light to enhance the presence of each color and pattern. Each strand contains hundreds of these micro points of light which simulates a true 3 dimensional galaxy. The effect of the LED Fiber Optic Space Whip has been taken to the next level with .75mm Sparkle Nano Fiber. Why have just a few points of light when you could have nearly 2,000! Our Fiber is .75 mm and will feature smaller points of light but a much larger quantity for a truly captivating experience. Sparkle Glow Fiber Optics can truly create a galaxy of light with a simple flick of a wrist.

360 Degree Ball Bearing Technology

Our Onyx Elite 360 Space Whip features an engineered stainless steel sealed ball bearing. Each bearing is housed in a water resistant sealed casing and primed with grease to prevent rusting. No longer will your whip get caught or stuck in one position. The Elite 360 Fiber Optic Whip allows the most fluid and smooth flow of any fiber optic whip on the market. The Onyx Elite 360 spins smoothly from its self-contained and greased ball bearing. This allows the user more flexibility and range of motion, while also enhancing fluid movement and whip tricks. 


GloFX Space Whips are designed to resist the elements. Each robust Whip is housed in a tough, yet ergonomically designed aluminum body. The Powerhouse has a rubber seal to keep moisture out and prolong the life of your Whip. The rubber seal also prevents light from escaping near the base of the Fiber Optics forcing all of light through the LED magnification lens and into your fiber. Each Powerhouse features 3 O-Rings to fully eliminate the seeping of moisture into the base. 

Our Fiber is manufactured with 100% Optical Grade Plastics to produce a massive 1.5 MM diameter. This fiber is the most durable on the market. 

 36 Color Modes

Featuring 36 multicolor modes, our LED Fiber Optic Space Whip is created to blow the minds of onlookers and allows any user to create intricate galaxies of light instantly at their fingertips. The LED Powerhouse creates strobes, stribbons, and flashing patterns by pushing the function button with your thumb. Easily change color modes while performing tricks. Our Low Consumption LEDs allow for many hours of use on just one set of batteries.

(*)A Stribbon is a combination of a strobe and a ribbon in the same color pattern. A Blue, Green 50/50 stribbon for example would appear half blue and half green

(**)Continuously hold the Mode Function Button for 4 seconds to enter sleep mode; Push the Mode Function Button again to return to previous mode

  • Use each of the 12 color modes to create 3 different design patterns for a total of 36 different effects
  • Continuously hold Mode Function Button for 2 seconds to enter Fast-Flashing Mode
  • Continuously hold Mode Function Button for another 2 seconds to enter Slow-Flashing Mode
  • Continuously hold Mode Function Button for another 2 seconds to get back to Normal Mode

Your Benefits

  • Onyx Elite 360 Space Whip with Sparkle Glow Fiber
  • Extra Thin Nano Fiber for Added Flexibility and Flow
  • Black Onyx Anodized Powerhouse
  • Moisture-Resistant Sealed Housing
  • 36 Strobing, Flashing, and Multicolor Modes
  • 1 Bundle of Fiber Optics with 360* Rotating Ball Bearing 
  • Approximately 6.5 Feet at the Longest Point
  • Low Consumption LEDs – Uses 3 AAA Batteries (Included)


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Additional Info

Additional Info