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A new way of getting the hoops you love



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Includes bare polypro hoops


Includes Bare, Taped, Reflective and Travel Hoops


Includes Taped and Bare polypro hoops.





Monthly Memberships Explained

Bare Hoops

With this subscription you will receive one (or possible doubles if you choose that option) of a new color of hoop each month. This hoop will be bare meaning that it is not taped or decorated in any way. 

Taped Hoops

With this subscription you will get a variety of Bare hoops and Taped Hoops, such as: Color Morph, SuperShine, Taped Polyethylene, Fitness and Exercise, Doubles and Twins and a wide variety of each. 

Reflective and Travel

With this subscription you get a variety of Bare Hoops, Taped Hoops and we will also make you custom Reflective and Travel hoops. You might get a 4 section bare polypro with 4 different types of tubing, you might get a Sacred Bee, you might get an 6 piece pocket hoop, the options are endless. We may also kick in special goodies, like apparel, hoop wax and other surprises!




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Q: How many hoops are delivered each month?

A: 1 hoop will be shipped per month regardless of the type of subscription you purchase. 

Q: What type of hoops are these?

A: Most hoops are made from Polypro tubing, the Taped Hoops plan can also include PE Fitness Hoops if you choose this option when you checkout. All hoops feature a polycarbonate connector and push button release. 

Q: If I sign up today, when will the first hoop arrive?

A: We ship all hoops within 48 hours of your order being placed, it usually takes 3-5 days to arrive depending on where you live. 

Q: How much is shipping to Canada?

A: Shipping to Canada is $37

Q: Are all the hoops the same size? 

A: No, when you check out you will be asked a series of questions that will help us only deliver hoops that you absolutely love. 

Q: Can I switch plans whenever I want?

A: Yes, at any point you can upgrade, downgrade, update you billing, cancel your account, etc etc. You can login to manage your account here

Q: Do you ship to Canada?

A: Yes, we certainly do! You can go ahead and checkout as normal, shipping is a flat $37 per hoop, we wish we could get it cheaper, but this is the cost.

Q: Do you ship anywhere in the world?

A: YES! If you are outside of the United States or Canada, please shoot us a message with your address and we can work up a custom quote for you!