Kids Performance Hula Hoop

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Kids Performance Hula Hoop

This is a great hoop for children that have a higher level of maturity that know how to treat their "toys" with care and respect. Our Kids Polypro Hoops are a more durable and heavier weight hoop than you would find at Walmart, but they are not as sturdy as our standard Kids Hula Hoops. For this reason these hoops are great for kids that are a little bit older and want a higher caliber hoop that they can learn many tricks with. These are the hoops that most intermediate adult hoopers use. 


  • Choice of Color
  • UV Hoops glow under blacklight
  • Your Choice of Diameter
  • Your Choice of Grip - Bare or Grippy Gaffer Tape
  • Made with 3/4" OD Polypro Tubing
  • Super Light & Strong Polycarbonate Connectors With Aluminum Push Buttons
  • Ships in 48 Hours!!!!!! 



This is a question that we get asked all the time and what we want to tell you is that bigger is better and that we've seen 4 year olds rocking the biggest adult hoops we have ever made! It's often a misnomer that kids hoops should be small and light, these are actually MORE difficult to learn with and use. You know those Walmart hoops? Those are very bad for learning as they are too light and too small. 

As a general rule of thumb you can measure up to your kiddos belly button and then add 4" to that measurement and remember, bigger is better and if you get a bigger hoop, your child will be able to grow into it and use if for years to come. 


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