Sil-X Implosion 67mm

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The Sil-X Implosion ball is a unique ball that is most akin to a Russian Juggling Ball. It is a clear molded soft plastic shell that is partially filled with liquid UV reactive silicone that glows under blacklights, offering a unique looking juggling prop. 

The liquid filled shell gives the ball a low center of gravity and nice weight (110 grams) which allows the ball to stall nicely on the arms, feet, head or whatever party of your body you are using in your routine. 

The 67mm size is fantastic for multi-ball juggling as they are easy to handle, grippy and have a mild squish to them which makes them comfortable on the hands when tossed high. 

Your Benefits

  • 67mm size
  • 110 grams
  • Soft, grippy and easy to handle
  • Well balanced ball is well suited for stalls and body rolls
  • UV Reactive liquid inside (except blue)


Additional Info

Additional Info