PX3 Flouro Pirouette Juggling Club

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PX3 Flouro Pirouette Juggling Club - Moulded Handle

This is a very tough training club with a few features that really set it apart from some of the other clubs on the market. The 'Flex Grip' molded handle is a comfortable, inexpensive alternative to wrapped handles but is also much stronger. The inner PVC dowel ensures complete uniformity in weight and balance from club to club as well as adding a huge amount of strength. This club has a longer handle and shorter body making it a 'pirouette' style club much favoured by numbers jugglers - the longer handle allowing more leverage for double and triple spins as well as being a bigger target to catch.

This fantastic juggling club is available in a selection of UV reactive colors. Both handle and body have a textured satin finishing so that the club feels very nice and smooth to touch.

The PX3 PIROUETTE MOULDED is slim and fast. The balance point of the short body is forward and the handle is long and thin, making it a very good club for practising big numbers as well as tricks and passing . Like all PX3 clubs with the a FLEX GRIP one-piece moulded handle, it is extremely durable and easy to control. 



  • UV Reactive, glows under blacklight
  • Total Club Length = 20.5" or 51.4cm 
  • Weight = 225gr
  • Dowel =5/8" or 15.5mm
  • Shell/Club Body = 3.2" or 81.6mm
  • Handle Length: 25cm
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Additional Info