PX3 Quantum Juggling Clubs

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PX3 Quantum Juggling Club

The PX3 Quantum juggling club is an awesome training club. The PX3 technology means that each club is identically balanced and weighted as well as being incredibly tough - the vast majority of clubs on the juggling market have a wooden dowel at the centre. This means that in some cases the wood can have weak points. The PVC dowel in the PX3 Quantum means that this club is super durable and will put up with almost anything you can throw at it.

The balance point of the body is almost central meaning the club floats steady and neutral. the combination of this and the weight make it really versatile and ideal for tricks like high-slow throws, flats and any other siteswap treat you care to mention. Ultimately the PX3 Circus is easy to control and very good for practicing any juggling style. The PX3 Quantum is fitted with a FLEX GRIP handle in white - a comfortable but inexpensive alternative to a wrapped handle that is much more durable.


  • Choice of Blue or Red
  • Total Club Length = 20.5" or 51.4cm 
  • Weight = 220gr
  • Body Length 30cm
  • Shell/Club Body = 3.2" or 81.6mm
  • Handle Length: 22cm


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Additional Info