LED Juggling Clubs

  • LED Juggling Club
  • LED Juggling Clubs
  • LED Juggling Clubs
  • LED Juggling Club
  • LED Juggling Clubs
  • LED Juggling Clubs


The Light Up and Juggle LED Clubs are an economical LED option that doesn't disappoint. The One piece clubs have been constructed in a similar fashion to the Play One Piece club but fitted with an LED unit in the knob and head. This allows you to choose 2 colors per club. These can be mixed or matched to create whatever combination you like. Please choose your colours using the order box below

Significantly cheaper than professional, composite club choices from brands like Concentrate and Kosmos, these clubs are great fun and visually very impressive. A great choice for hobby jugglers looking for night time fun. The clubs are very durable but a little tough on the palms. The rounded knobs also make these suitable for club swinging. 


  • club length 19.5 inches, 49.5 cm
  • knob diameter 1/5 inces, 4cm
  • body width 3.0 inches, 7.8 cm
  • club weight 197 grams, 6.9 oz.
  • club color white only
  • one piece construction (no dowel) hollow body
  • Each club uses 3 batteries per light, which is 6 batteries per club
  • Please Note that these are sold Individually - if you require three, please purchase three pieces.


  • 7 Color Fade - Changes color every 3 seconds
  • 7 Color Blink - Changes color every .7 seconds
  • 7 Color Strobe - Strobes in RGB


The 27 mode all-lights are a "programmable" light that allows you to pick and choose between 27 different modes and patterns with the press of a button. These can be kind of cumbersome at times and if you just want to grab your clubs and glow, it might be best to just to the standard colors.