Fire Breakdown Staff - Custom

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Collapsible Contact Fire Staff Made to Order

Our Custom Collapsible Contact Fire Staves break down into three (3) separate pieces, making them the perfect staff for travelling. The 3 pieces slide together easily and twist down tight to give you a completely rigid staff. There are weights built into each end making the staff spin slower and perfect for contact moves. We guarantee you will not be able to tell the difference in rigidity between our breakdown staff and a solid one-piece staff.



All 3 pieces of our collapsible fire staves come in #6061-T6 aircraft grade aluminum tubing and are available in either 7/8” diameter in polished silver, or 1” diameter in a variety of colors. The inside component consists of overlapping male/female pieces which attach and tighten when turned.



Staff Tubing 

1" or 7/8" OD Aluminum Tubing. Choice of Polished silver, red, gold, green, blue, black



Staff Wicks

All staffs come with 4' of 1/16" thick wick. Your choice of width and how many wicks you want.



Staff Grip

Choice of standard black or premuim grip. Premium grip offers more cushion and extra padding with a more solid feel as well as better heat resistance, and longer life.



Staff Wick Covers

Regular - for 2-3" wicks

Large - for 4" wicks

Multiple wicks......self explanatory



Additional Info

Additional Info